4 Ways to Sell Your House in St. Augustine, Florida

Sell Your House Fast In St. Augustine

We’re going to discuss four ways to sell your St. Augustine home. Did you know that as a seller, as the method you want to sell your house, you have many choices available? This choice could mean the difference between lingering months on the market for your home and becoming less and less appealing to buyers, all the while losing your cash as every day passes. As the days pass and your selling profit decreases, the level of stress will also increase. Any aspect of your life can be affected by the pressure of not knowing when or whether your St. Augustine house will sell.

An Agent

Traditional listings are one way, albeit a very costly way, to sell your house in St. Augustine. The exorbitant commissions and fees charged by real estate brokers are reluctant to be paid by many buyers. However resistant they might be to the expense of listing with an agent, it is a tempting convenience to have someone else to do all the paperwork, take legal risks, and negotiate on your behalf. There will be publicity expenses, professional staging, professional photography, inspections, and appraisals, no matter how you list your house. Depending on the state of the house, repairs are likely to be needed as well.

Sell Your House Fast In St. Augustine


Another way to sell your house in St. Augustine on your own, regarded as for sale by the owner. There is a great deal of effort and the potential for legal hazards for those willing to brave it on their own to save the commission. There are many local, state, and federal laws regulating the selling of real estate that you must familiarize yourself with before entering into this venture. Not to mention the hassle and time-consuming ways, showcasing the property and dealing with sometimes insultingly low offers at the negotiation table face to face with your prospective buyer.

Rent to Own

While you may never have considered this as a choice, depending on your financial circumstances, this may be a way to sell your house in St. Augustine. The occupant may purchase the property at the end of the lease, usually for two years. They are not obligated to purchase, depending on the terms of the deal, whether they are unable to obtain funds, or actually do not want to buy the property anymore. In the other hand, if the lease-purchase agreement is chosen, they are now obliged to buy the St. Augustine house. When they are unable to get funding, you will end up having to file a lawsuit against them. It might be better to seek a direct sale to skilled buyers if you lack the financial capacity to restore, maintain and retain the property for long periods of time.

Direct Sale

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